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LJ MagazineOh, fan-bloody-tastic. Just recieved an owl from my hellion dear sister, Mira, who wrote to inform me that she’s spoken to Dawlish behind my back, the conniving sneak! about the three of us having dinner together this weekend. What a horrible, horrible darling suprise. Well, isn’t it convenient that the only appointment that was scheduled for this weekend was cancelled because the student fell ill? Oh, yes. Very convenient. It’s going to be positively delightful. And my office is in order again. MY OFFICE IS IN ORDER AGAIN.

Hah! to the last night’s snogging couple. You didn’t expect me to return to the castle early, did you? Noooo. Naughty, naughty children. I hope you ENJOY your lovely detention. Yes. I am being sadistic. Do I care? No. Where’s the bloody vodka. Oh dear.

I just read Dorny’s entry. Poor Julius. Really, poor Julius. Is anyone shocked at this proclamation? No — because I won’t be letting you read it. If you think you students are the only ones suffering the extra essays — you are wrong. May I make a few suggestions on your essay writing in general. 1. Please, do not stress out when you are in the process of writing.

It becomes obvious within the work and most people seem to weaken their arguement by saying too much of one thing and not enough of another. 2. Please, proofread . While, being a teacher and apt at deducing what you might have meant as opposed to what you did write, there are some mistakes too incoherent for me to understand. This does affect your mark, because I cannot grade what is not coherent. 3. Please, do not procrastinate. You will only scrape by and miss your potential. 4. Certainly do NOT plagiarise. If any of you are unaware of the meaning of this word, I suggest you talk to Kevin Entwhistle, by the looks of his entry I suggest you look it up in a dictionary, or read the leaflet on the subject which you should be able to find on your House bulletin board.

5. If you are having problems, SPEAK TO YOUR TEACHER ABOUT IT. I cannot stress how important it is to communicate when you are in trouble. 6. Last and by no means the least, answer the question. Please. Please, please, please — you’ve already done my head in and I am at my wit’s end with some of you. This would make your job and mine much more efficient — which you will find to be in the long run easier. On the whole, work hard. You’ll get there. Good luck.